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February 24th, 2009, 04:41 PM
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Ok so I am selling these because I haven't gotten pregnant and it dawned on me most wouldn't even fit me, so I have no use for them anymore. Shipping will be based on # of items and weight.

White stretch capris (from charlet rouse, not maternity but warn by pregnant women) L $3.50

Khaki Motherhood Maternity L stretch capri with full front panel $4.50

Motherhood Maternity M NWT jean capri $5.00

Motherhood Maternity M jean capri $4.00

oh!mamma M jean capri with tie at bottom and elastic waise band $5.00

Gillian and O'Malley M capri sleepware bottoms $2.00

in due time M black capri (polyester) $2.50

in due time M black cotton pants $3.50

in due time size 6khaki pants $7.00

Planet Motherhood M khaki capris $5.00

Planet Motherhood M black capris $5.00

Perseption Concept plaid board shorts (SO CUTE) M $5.00

Motherhood Maternity Jacket (not a heavy coat) M $10

Take Nine Maternity M Plaid blouse (CUTE) $4.00

Dividends Maternity S white blouse $5.50

Liz Lange M black tanktop $2.00

Motherhood Maternity M Flower print sleeveless shirt $5.00

Mimi Maternity M Floral shirt (blue and cream) $4.50

Motherhood XL black sleeveless top $5.00

Honors maternity M white tanktop $2.00

On the way maternity S Coral t-shirt NWT $4.50

Motherhood Maternity M pink sleeveless blouse $4.50

Motherhood Maternity M blue blouse $4.50

Motherhood Maternity XL burgandy blouse $4.50

Motherhood Maternity L purple blouse $4.50

Motherhood Maternity M pink blouse $4.50

Motherhood Maternity M red dress $6.50

Old Navy brown and sequin S stretchy shirt $4.50

Liz Lange S brown embroidered shirt $5.50

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