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February 24th, 2009, 05:27 PM
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Why did you choose homebirth?
When DH and I started talking he told me he was born at home. At first, I thought it was an accidental homebirth but come to find out it wasn't. He was the first born at home (His 2 elder sisters were hospital births and there were 6 after him born at home) I grew up with the typical American knowledge that baby's are born in hospitals, so this of course was a lil weird to me. But then I started to do some research on homebirths and come to find out, I was in shock. A bit upset that I had the typical American knowledge and that I didn't know that home births were still possible/happening currently and a home birth sounded exactly like what I wanted! Since I'm an al naturale person....I knew I wanted a natural birth but this sounded like the perfect fit for us.

From my extensive research, I decided/discovered that a home birth is definitely what I wanted and hoped for. For many reasons. One of the biggest reasons for me is probably my fear of hospitals and doctors. I HATE them as does DH. I really LOVE our midwives! They treat us like people. they support us and take time with our appointments- each one was an hour, most of hte time spent talking. They give you the choice to do testing or not, we mostly voided them. I love how they are all natural minded and they have the same views as us on breastfeeding, circumcision, babywearing, cloth diapering, vaccines, etc. A doc would normally freak if you said you weren't vax'ing! Normal docs see you as fast as they can and then charge you tons of mula. Also, I can't stand the smell of hospitals. I don't like the whole white look and feel, it just creeps me out and makes me think death. Sick people go there- there's no way I want to have a baby in there. I wouldn't be comfortable at all and I know it, it'd stress/freak me out that I'd probably end up with a c-section, the last thing I want. I'm also, not a fan of needles, etc. I knew previously that I didn't want any epidural, IV etc. I wanted to do it naturally and I know it's possible and if I want it so badly then I am determined to do it. And of course all the other small little factors of home births is why chose to have one: the cost, the atmosphere/comfort of your own home, it's cleaner/safer and easier (no traveling in labor).

Did you know someone that has birthed at home before? Yep my MIL

Did you observe/attend a homebirth before? (if so, who) nope, I did a hospital birth and I didn't like how the baby is kept apart from the mommy for so long. I knew I didn't want that, I wanted to hold my baby right away.

Did you read about it? Yep in books and birth stores on JM

Did you watch a film on it? Yep the business of being born, birth into being i think is the name and many youtube vids.

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