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February 25th, 2009, 07:44 AM
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My temp jumped .5 degrees today!

Very exciting for me considering I've been waiting for a good temp jump for a few days now! I ovulated on Sunday, now I get to wait for signs. I don't think people can normally get signs as early as this but last night I had a horrible headache and my whole body felt odd. Maybe sperm made it to the egg? I just know some women have stated feeling nauseous or having headaches before implantation. I also got up to go to the bathroom last night and my mouth started watering like I was going to upchuck! ugh. It was gross, lol. My face also looked very splotchy, and I was having heat flashes all night....weird. I'm not sick or anything, so I don't know what all that was about. And I doubt that it's an early pregnancy sign even though that would be cool. lol. I'm still pretty sure, if I'm anything like the women in my family I should be getting a in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I'm as fertile as my mom was!!!

Cross your fingers for me!!!

I have to sing at my grandpa's funeral tomorrow. I'm buying an outfit today because I don't have any nice black clothes to wear. My best friend Katie(and her 4 month old Natalie) are going shopping with me to help me pick something out.

Last night we hung out with Ryan and Katie, and their baby Natalie was staring at me all night. She loved me! Which helps me believe I'm going to make a good mother. Even when Katie went to get her bottle and handed Natalie to me, she didn't even cry!!!! And she cries no matter what when moms getting the bottle!!! Cause as babies go, when she's hungry she's hungry NOW! lol.It just made me feel better and I'm not really worried anymore about being a good mom, because now I can tell I will be capable of it. It's nice to feel that way, especially considering growing up I never really liked other peoples kids or babies. I never had an attachment to them or anything until I was married, and even then I was so worried about labor and not being a good mother...and so many things. It's nice to not feel so down about it anymore. KAtie and Ryan are planning on getting pregnant again this August. I'm so excited!! We're gonna have babies crawlin around everywhere! lol. Also they plan to move with us to Alaska in a couple years now.(DH grew up in Anchorage/Wasilla).'s been a really good couple of days, and I'm hopeful. Which is a nice feeling to feel, especially when I was worried I wouldn't be able to get pregnant for a few months. I still can't believe I ovulated on CD 14. 16 days after coming off of birth control pills!!!

I'm just happy today!

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