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February 25th, 2009, 07:09 PM
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I am pro-choice - until after 7 or 8 weeks. Than, no way.[/b]
that argument always makes me wonder

why is it "ok" to have an abortion at 6 weeks but not at 12 weeks? Is it more of your baby at 12 weeks than it was 6 weeks earlier? Its the same fetus...

im not trying to be rude or anything im really curious for the rational behind that thought its never one ive been able to get my head around

I think it's because they say the heart doesn't start beating until like the 6th or 7th week but really from what i read it is usually the 4th or 5th. But whatever everyone is entitled to an opinion and i'm not ragging on anyone as i'm pro-choice too.

No I am not a Satanist. The 666 was a joke between me and a few friends of mine and it kind of stuck. So don't let it put you off from checking out my myspace or adding me. I don't bite.

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