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February 25th, 2009, 08:46 PM
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I never post here but had to sign up just to post my reply in this thread. I went though two miscarriages - both within the span of 5 months. The journey almost made me suicidal and it was completely devastating and heart-wrenching to go through. However, 3 months since loss #2 I am starting to feel more like myself and while I am nowhere near ready to try again - I know that sometimes there is a bigger picture that we just can't see.

I decided to have a memorial tattoo done but it took me ages to finally find something I loved. I am posting this as there aren't many miscarriage memorial tattoos on the net and I wish I had found this thread a month ago!

So here is my loss tattoo.. I just had it done 4 hours ago so it's still swollen and red but I absolutely love it. Everyone's tattoo's are so amazing and I'm glad I could share mine as well.

All the best to all of you ladies

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