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February 26th, 2009, 08:35 AM
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If I really ovulated twice from CD12-14, then I would be on 6 DPO after the first one. This morning I had a very sharp pinching pain in my right side....which is the side I believed to have ovulated on the first time. I had had right side ovulation cramps on CD 12. And then on the 14th I had ovulation cramps on the left side.......seems to much of a coincidence to not be implantation....I also had a pulling cramping feeling at 3 am which woke me up. It started in the front in the crease between my thigh and lower abdomen. Obviously could have just been a coinsidence but it seems so right on, and I wasn't really expecting to feel anything until 6 DPO but of course theres no way to prove that I ovulated twice...just the fact that I have 5 days of positive OPKs. The first surge was right before I thought I ovulated the first time...the test was lighter after that...and then got dark again right before CD 14. Everything seems to point to a double ovulation. I hope so....won't be surprised if I really did...since twins run in my family. I'm trying not to get too excited though. If I have the same pain in my left side on Saturday I'm probably going to get too excited, lol.

I was very emotional yesterday and this morning. My husband was beinng mean and he gets like that in the morning. He was just cranky. But I wasn't even upset about it until an hour later and then I just started BAWLING. weird.....

I keep getting cramps behind my boobs....just like back when I was younger and they were growing. They would always cramp up and I'd have to move a certain way to relieve the cramp. Now though, no matter what way I move the cramp is still there. It is only behind my right breast, which also feels very heavy this morning....left breast still normal..????????????????????

It seems like too many signs too early....but my cousin said she had all the same symptoms within the first week when she was pregnant....

well....ouch....just now had another pulling cramping feeling like that one I had at 3 am on my right side.

ADD: now a tingly feeling in right breast(same one I had the cramps in yesterday. And now getting dull rather than sharp pains on right side. Keep feeling like I'm starting my period. And I keep running to the bathroom to check but nope, lol. Also been burping once every 2-5 minutes. I must be going nuts

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