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Why did you choose homebirth? Well, I didn't really CHOOSE it as much as it chose me. ha ha. Meaning, I had had two completely awesome freestanding birth center births in Kirkland, WA but then we moved to the other side of the state. We had begun to see a Naturopathic Doctor here who also happened to be a midwife so when I became pregnant with #3 I had no desire to use any other doc/midwife than her since I was already comfortable with her. The catch was that she didn't do anything other than home births. While there was a birth center in town, she was not involved in it so it wasn't something I was interested in. Later I got in touch w/my old midwives at the birthcenter in Kikland and decided to go to the Seattle area around my due date and stay w/my parents until I went into labor so that I could repeat my wonderful birth center experience again. So, I was going to just use my midwife/ND here for prenatal care then deliver on the other side of the state. As my due date came closer I started having second thoughts and feeling a pull towards staying home and having a home birth. I am SOOOOOO glad I did. All my apprehension about it was completely WRONG...the things that I thought would be a problem ended up being the best things! Like, cleaning and baking during was a wonderful diversion! Having my children milling about the house was awesome...just going about life as usual. It was GREAT. Anynow, long story for such a seemingly simple question. I'd never go to a birth center again unless it was my only option!

Did you know someone that has birthed at home before? Yes, my sister-in-law had.

Did you observe/attend a homebirth before? (if so, who) No, I had never been to one.

Did you read about it? Read LOTS about it.

Did you watch a film on it? Yes, in Gentle Birth Choices and other things from the library.

Tell why you are/have birthed at home. Well, next baby is due any time now and I can't imagine doing it any other way ever again. I'm excited about it!!!

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