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March 4th, 2006, 04:21 PM
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Thank you Ladies so much for your kind words.

I really hope all is fine but I'm happy just to know that one baby is Fine.God knows what is best. I'll keep you all updated.[/b]

Wow I am sorry your having to go through this... I say when you go in and see your Dr. you let him/her know how you feel. I have been very blessed I have a Dr. that specializes in high risk pregnancies. An he does all of his own u/s's. An he will tell me right then. It's just like my last m/c he was not able to find the heart beat and he told me and my husband right then what he was looking for and what he was not able to find. Then before we left his office he had me secduled for a D & C the next morning (5:30am). As far as lab test his nurse calls me with in the next day. Or he schedules me to come in the next day.
You need to ask your friends and family about different ob's. An when you call ask them if the Dr. does his own u/s's. I personally like it when my ob does the u/s himself this way he can see what he is looking at and what he is looking for.

Hang in there.
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