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February 28th, 2009, 07:58 AM
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Well I had ONE very long vivid dream last night(I'm hoping this was a symptom). I rarely am able to remember my dreams. And sometimes I will remember them but I'm NEVER able to remember nearly the whole thing. I only forgot little itty bitty details that don't matter. I would go ahead and write out my dream now but it would take about an hour to write out, lol. Yes, it was that long!!!

My skin is feeling really soft, more around my breast than anything. It feels skin soft! kind of weird....if this isn't a symptom I don't know what it is! My skin probably hasn't felt this soft since I was a baby. I was breaking out a couple days ago but now my skin looks like it's glowing everywhere. Well everywhere but my tummy. My stomach feels like it's been sun burned or stretched out. I guess it's still soft to the touch, but it hurts to touch it too much because it feels like someones been scratching on it for awhile.

I really hope this is pregnancy, and if not, I hope this soft skin sticks around anyways! lol.

ADD: Oh and Kenny Chesney was in my dream last night!! lol. I don't even really like Kenny Chesney but he just happened to show up in my dream.....we had this weird was like a slide but it was made out of a mattress and springs....Kenny Chesney came down it and messed it all up and knocked over a garbage can. So I ended up picking up the garbage while he got the mattress back in place....what the heck was that about??? A mattress slide!?!

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