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February 28th, 2009, 08:48 AM
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I would love to go through with a home birth... it's just all those "what ifs"-- for me, I've done it the natural way, but in a hospital setting. But I do truly look up to you women who do it at home... how wonderful it must be. I was just snooping through the internet, and came across this quote- and it's very empowering- so I hope it touches some of you as well! And best of luck to all you & your home birthing experiences!

"If left alone in labor, the body of a woman produces most easily the baby that is not interfered with by its mother's mind or the assistant's hand. If left alone, just courage and patience are required. Faith, if she is a believer, is the secret to having a healthy baby and being a happy mother."
- Grantly ####-Read

HAHA! I can't believe it cut out his last name... it was a four letter word for a certain male body part! LOL
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