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March 5th, 2006, 03:47 PM
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oh gosh! the diaper bag...with DD I had a tiny one and had to upgrade to a midsized one.

I am looking for one now but will most likely save that for last or let that be one of the lst things I get.

The big stuff will be purchased later (pack & play/crib) don't have room for it right now

after today I told my self no more baby stuff until after my's hard to stop once you start though

Just have to hope for the best....I can't be morbid for the next 17 weeks, 1. I don't want to look back and not have any happy & giddy moments 2. It isn't healthy...if I lose the baby in any way at any stage I will cry, be pissed off to a whole new undiscovered level of pissitivity, see a whole new depth od depression and be a wreck for who knows how long...that being a given, I refuse to allow fear to have a dominating effect on how I view this new babies existence and my pregnancy...

It is a tough battle but I try with all I have each day to be thankful for today, and today my baby is alive and kicking up a storm and her mommy was happy and excited and brave enough to buy her something!

Now I have to be strong enough to keep the purse closed and make sure things are budgeted correctly!!

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