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March 1st, 2009, 08:07 AM
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good luck! Baby dust your way![/b]


I decided I think I'm gonna post my symptoms. Because I wrote them all down this week. We will see if they lead to a BFP!

1-2 DPO ~ light cramps, sensitive nipples, headache, can't sleep (probably just post ovulation stuff)
3 DPO ~ night sweats, headache, light cramping, taking naps during day, can't sleep at night, lots of burping/gas
4 DPO ~ cramps(worse today), dizzy spells, very light nausea/caused by the burping), LOTS of burping, Lots of lotion like CM, exhausted during day(sleeping really good at night, SEVERE gas pains
5 DPO ~ heavy aching breast(on and off), light headache, Sticky CM, frequent bathroom trips(thought I was gonna start my period early or something), increased appetitie, thirsty
6 DPO ~ very light cramping, headache, frequent urination, heartburn, increased appetite, Lots of lotion like CM( I had to wear a panty liner!!!), VIVID dream, I remember the whole thing. I also remember my dog getting attacked and injured)
7 DPO ~ light cramping...feeling once again like I'm about to start my period, sensitive nipples, breast feel fuller...but not sure if it's just in my head...but hubby does agree. Very itchy all over stomach and sides. Stomach feels raw like it's been stratched to raw skin....if that makes sense?? Maybe just stretched?...not sure how to explain it, it's just painful even to touch it, I think I'm going to go out and buy some good lotion today..Once again LOTS of lotion like CM. Another very vivid dream. I talked to a little girl(who I believed to be my friends 4 month old Natalie...she was walking and talking. My dog was getting in fights with other dogs.
My dog seems a lot more attached to me than usual today.....but that might just be coincidence....
-I wasn't exhausted for the first time since Wednesday...didn't have near as many things going on today, but my breasts are fuller...may be TMI but DH said he could barely even grab them! lol(I have very small bbs)!! The left one felt like it was growing how they felt when I was younger, I think the left was catching up with the right which was feeling the same way on Thursday. Anyways....I'll be back to post my symptoms tomorrow!...

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