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March 1st, 2009, 01:48 PM
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I'm reposting this here...first posted on the "natural m/c experiences" sub-forum...


Hi, I'm awaiting a miscarriage and am wondering if anyone has had an experience like mine. I've read a lot of posts (this forum has been so helpful for me) but I'm not seeing anything like this.

I had an hcg level done at 8w (because I was having some spotting) was low but still in the normal range, about 22,000 I think. I had another done at 10w and it was at 11,000. So my midwife (I was planning a home birth) told me that this indicates the baby has died and to wait for a m/c at home (a D&C is an absolute last option for me).

I began spotting again the next night, and the bleeding increased a little each day for about a week but only got to the point of a (barely) medium flow for a couple hours for a couple days (it got so that each day I would have brown bleeding all day except in the afternoon/evening, where there would be some red bleeding) with a couple very small clots. Then for a next week, the bleeding tapered off almost in the same manner as it started, but in reverse. I've had only very light brown bleeding for the past two days.

It has been two weeks since we found out our baby has died (we believe s/he died a few days before the phone call at 10w). Of course it is so hard to play the waiting game but I'm really confused by the ebb and flow of light to medium-light bleeding. Right now the bleeding is so light that my mind is playing tricks on my and I'm secretly hoping this is all just a big mistake. I know it's not...and hearing from somebody out there who's had a similar experience would help a lot.

Thanks for reading and any prayers you can offer for us—my husband and I are devastated.

Heather S.
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