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March 3rd, 2009, 01:42 PM
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I had an appointment with the OB today to get more Clomid. They don't call in refills, they require that you come in each month so they can check your ovaries. The doctor said my ovaries were fine She upped the Clomid to 100mg per day. Then I went on and on about how my luteal phase is SO short! I told her even with the progesterone cream from GNC, it was only 10 days long! So she FINALLY wrote me a prescription for the good stuff Of course, this cream has to go inside

I asked her about fertile mucous because it doesn't seem like I have a lot (if any) and told her I had already tried Evening Primrose Oil. I used to have FM, but haven't in 9 months or longer. She said to try Robitussin (YUCK!). So, I'm trying to do research on what to get and how much to take. Wonder if there's a pill form...

I also asked her what comes after Clomid and she said going to see an RE and getting injections I really hate needles. BUT... I said something about only being able to take Clomid for a few months and she said NO, that recommendation was long gone. She said when Clomid first came out, they were told to only keep women on for a certain amount of months, but that it has now been proven safe and I can have it as long as I want. First time I've heard that!!

She also told me to put my hips on a pillow during BDing. We usually BD and then I put my hips up. So, maybe all of this will help?? I hope so!

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