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March 3rd, 2009, 02:45 PM
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Okay, talk about mood swings! And by the way , I HATE driving! I swear no one in this state knows how to drive!! I get nearly hit almost every day. I'm glad I pay attention because I've been pulled in front of so many times I can't even count them anymore!!...anyways...

Done venting!

If I get one more high temp my chart will be considered triphasic!! I'm so excited!! And I'm pretty sure that I'm pregnant. As long as everythings not in my head...which I don't see how it could be considering I'll be in the middle of something and won't even be thinking about the TWW and suddenly my boobs will get a really sharp horrible pain and then I remember, lol. I'm so dieing to test now that my temps went up. I took a OPK the other day and got a very faint line, then the next day it was just barely darker and then todays was the same as yesterdays. I think if my last OPK tomorrow morning is as dark or darker than the ones before I will probably take a test. Actually...I will probably take a test regardless as long as there is some sort of line on the OPK, lol. Because well, theres not much point in taking an HPT if nothing shows up on the OPK's are sort of like my test run to make sure it's worth possibly wasting an HPT. I'm just using equate ones...hopefully they work. I did get a dud once before. But they are only $9 for 3 compared to the $20 you pay for two FRER's. So I figure if I end up using all the equates before FF's suggested testing day, I'll live with forking out the $9 for 3 more. Anyways...I'm getting very impatient. I think as it's my first cycle TTC I deserve and early testing! If I'm not prego I will wait for AF next month instead of wasting money, lol.

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