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March 3rd, 2009, 07:03 PM
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Not sure what the "little pink pills" are that you referred to, but I didn't have "medication". I did have tinctures, if needed, they are still sealed up, never been opened. They're pills my mw always has on hand in case I don't stop bleeding.

There are few problems that may occur in labour, but I was prepared for shoulder dystocia, cord wraps, non-responsiveness, if needed. Those are things I would not be prepared for and never thought about being prepared for since I counted on help. I have had some quick labors, though, and I should educate myself anyway. Where do you learn how to handle these things? I know my mw had at least one patient she had to transfer to the hospital because of the cord coming out. The mother had to keep her rear end up in the back seat while someone kept the pressure off the cord and someone drove.

I dunno, I just knew things would be ok, I trusted birth, I trusted my body, I trusted God. I trust my body and God, too, I just like the thought of an outside pair of eyes and hands, preferably those of someone with more experience than me.[/b]
So, though I will never plan an uc myself, I would like to be more prepared in case it were to happen unplanned. How did you learn what to do in those emergency situations?

I'm really surprised I didn't get more responses. It seems I read of many ladies on here having uc. Thanks for your reply.
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