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March 3rd, 2009, 09:41 PM
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Why did you choose homebirth? My mom had 2 of my sisters at home and my hospital birth was awful

Did you know someone that has birthed at home before? yep my mom

Did you observe/attend a homebirth before? (if so, who) yep I watched 2 of my sisters be born, but I was little

Did you read about it? I read homebirth stories but not to much about homebirths in general

Did you watch a film on it? I did watch some homebirth videos, but it didn't explain anything, they were just actual births

Tell why you are/have birthed at home. It is so much more peaceful, you do what you want to do, the midwifes stay back and out of the way if you want them to, you can have your baby in the water (my hospital don't allow it)

My homebirth was amazing, if I have any more kids they will deffinately be born at home. My only regret was I wasn't brave enough to have my first at home.
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