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March 4th, 2009, 07:38 AM
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Why did you choose homebirth? I was convinced it was the safest thing for both me and my baby.

Did you know someone that has birthed at home before? My friend did in college, but that was like 15 years earlier and she was really a hippie, lol!

Did you observe/attend a homebirth before? (if so, who) No.

Did you read about it? I read "Homebirth" by Shiela Kitzinger. I had picked it up from a clearance table years before we were even thinking about having children! I was totally convinced before I even had to make a decision.

Did you watch a film on it? No, but I watched The Business of Being Born last year.

Tell why you are/have birthed at home. I still believe 100% that it is the safest thing for me and my children. Besides that it is an awesome experience and a family event: a family member being welcomed directly into his home.
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