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March 6th, 2009, 10:12 AM
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and baby is a ....

stubborn little monkey

yep, glow worm decided to keep "his" legs well and truely crossed! he was sleeping on his side with back to us most of the time too.
they did manage to get measurements and all looks great and right on my dates apart from one thing.....
we have legs measuring 23 weeks!!!! yep, looks like im in for another long baby (exactly the same with sadie)
but still, my baby is healthy (after giving me a scare yesterday with cramps all day followed by spotting and no movement ) so i guess i will find out in 20 weeks what im having im a little upset that i dont get to go gender shopping but after everything i have been through, im just glad i know this baby is doing so well

face (not easy when laying on side, hands to face and back to us

hand waving hello (more like get out of my face! )


baby longlegs. you can see better on the actual pic (sorry its pics of pics as im packing everything up and scanner is one of things already gone) but the length of legs is so out of proportion with the rest. still, im not worried about that

here is a pic of sadie at birth, exactly same measurements as i had with this one but a week later!

she was only 9lb 5oz but as you can see, she was a LONG baby

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