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March 8th, 2009, 12:14 PM
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Name: Deamma
Children/s name/s & DOB: Joshua Michael Guelich--May 4, 1991
Date of loss/losses: 5/11/91, 7/91, 12/31/99
Anything about your loss/losses you'd like to share: Josh was a week old when he passed away. The main valve in his heart wasnt full developed so he had to have surgery and have a shunt out in. The Drs who were taking care of him werent very friendly. When they stitched him back up he was leaking blood threw this stitches. So he had to had a blood transfusion after 3 hrs of bleeding. The Drs realised after that time that they had missed a few stitches and that why he was leaking. When they went to take him back in to fix the problems the Dr looked and me and said kiss your son goodbye, right then I knew he was not going to make it. He passed away a few hrs later because of his lungs filling up with mucus from the tranfusions ahd he had trouble breathing on his own.

When I got pregnant with my daughter in 1995 I developed blood clots, so when I got pregnant in 1999 I had millions of clots in both legs. Drs said when I passed out if I didnt have my green field filter in to catch my clots I never would of woke up. I lost all usage of both my legs and had to learn to walk all over again and also had a miscarriage.

Tell us about yourself!: I live in Kentucky and I was born and raised in Central, Pa. I like to do crafts, meet new ppl and have lots of laughs with friends
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