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March 9th, 2009, 10:03 PM
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Well after getting the "go ahead" from my new doctor, I decided to start using the fertility monitor this month just to kind of have a heads up and head start on figuring out what's going on with my ovaries and if I ovulate.

So far nothing too interesting. I was surprised that it had me start POAS on CD6. I guess I was surprised just because I knew with the PCOS I probably will have a longer than 28 day cycle so CD6 seemed early. But, this is the first cycle with the monitor and it takes a little while to "learn" your cycles.

So from CD6 which was the 5th (actually since the monitor is a day behind my actual counting, I guess it was actually CD7... but whatever), it has said I have "high" fertility, but not "peak." The directions do say that the first cycle is a "getting to know you" and then after that it'll be more individualized and sensitive.

but so far so good. It's a little annoying being told to POAS every morning because even if I get up needing to pee, and turn on the monitor to be told to POAS, it takes a good 5 (maybe more) minutes to get me the results so I'm sitting there waiting when I just wanna go back to sleep! haha

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