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March 11th, 2009, 12:42 PM
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We conversed some more and she told me that she's been made to feel guilty for her choices to get an epi (for she says her body was going into shock from labor pain) and for not breastfeeding (she told us while preggie that she would not cuz she has implants and she didn't want her boobs getting humungous). While I don't agree with her decisions in the slightest, I also do not wish for any mom to be made to look back on their births with sadness or disappointment. If it causes her to question her options for the next time, great! But I don't want to take away someone's joy.

Perhaps now that she is a mother she will find her priorities are different and that might be reflected in subsequent pregnancies/births. Or even if she makes the same decisions, she can at least do so after researching both sides of the coin. Just to put the information out there is good enough for me. Even if her choices remain the same, she might be more open to supporting others that go a different, more natural route because she can see the benefits even if they weren't for her.
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