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March 13th, 2009, 06:55 AM
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The followup with the urologist went well. I really like that doctor. Tony is healing fine, and just has some swelling and pain here & there. The doc wants him to see an endocrinologist to help with some of his hormone levels. This won't help with the sperm issue, but will assist him later on with bone loss & other health concerns. Their biopsy also showed no sperm, same as the fertility specialist.

We've been researching into the donor sperm banks around, and have tried unsuccessfully to get answers from the insurance company. I spoke with a lady on the phone, and she proceeded to read by to me word by word the section of the booklet that I already had. The wording is vague and doesn't specify exactly what is covered with donor sperm. It definitely excluded coverage when using donor eggs or surrogacy but did not definitely exclude donor sperm. Another section on artificial insemination indicated that for same sex couples the cost of collecting and processing the donor sperm wasn't covered but the rest was. I would hope that if they cover the use of donor sperm for same sex couples, that they'd cover this for us. That is not fair if they don't. But the lady didn't know and indicated the fertility specialist would need to resubmit the paperwork to the insurance company specifying the use of donor sperm and we'll see what they come back with. I left a message for the nurse, asking if they could submit this to the insurance company to see what is covered. They probably want to wait though until our followup appointment with them on March 24th. Its less then 2 weeks away, so its not that far away. They may also have recommendations for sperm banks. Online weve been looking around at several of them. Its a lot of information to get through . . .

On the job front, Tony is on his way this morning to his pre-employment physical. Yay!!!! Hell be starting with them next Wednesday/Thursday once the results are back in. They wanted him to start as soon as possible. Hes so thrilled!!! He was getting frustrated with the security company and how they treated the employees, the hours, and how they kept switching the schedules around. This was just a part time, evening job with set hours, and only 2-3 days a week during Monday Friday. Since hes been there, theyve tried to have him work the overnight shift, scheduled him for tomorrow even though he was not hired for weekends (and even when he indicated he had a college class that day, they still left his name on the schedule), and yesterday told him he had to work Sunday. Saturdays & Sundays are not an option right now. We have so much going on right now with church (this is the Easter season, and theres A LOT of church stuff going on), and were trying to get things done with his Mom. Shell be in Ohio with his brother for the month of April, and then shes leaving to head back to Greece in early May. We have a lot of things going on right now. Were busy, busy, busy . . .

FF gave me dotted CHs today, but I dont think Ive Od yet as Im still having the stabbing O pains, and Im having the fertile CM. My body has been trying to O now for over a week, but I think with all the stress and everything going on its delayed ovulation. Hopefully Ill be back to normal next cycle. Im on CD22 right now. My LP was a day longer last cycle, so hopefully it'll be the same this time as well. It'll be great to have my body working so we have more of a chance once we get our plan of action.

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