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March 19th, 2009, 05:28 PM
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Hi!!! My DS Danny is FTT also. His problem is malabsorbtion. I think the tube is based on a combination of failed approaches to gain weight. Danny was losing constantly until two weeks ago. He was getting 1800 calories a day at this point. He started Neocate Jr. two weeks ago. Since then he has gained a pound a week. He is now getting right at 2500 calories a day. He is 20.5 months old and now weighs 23lb 4oz. The best thing that I can tell you is to look for the highest calorie anything that you can find and give it to her. BTW;Danny's nutritionist said that you don't have to mix the formula exactly how it says on the can. You would need to get a dr to figure out how many calories she needs and then give you instructions on how to mix it as it does change. That would be an option for you in the meantime. Other than that like I said...I think the placement tests for a tube are based on how much the child eats, how much the child is able to eat, and that compared to the weight he or she is losing is how the doctor would figure that out.

Danny goes to a GI tomorrow morning to start finding out why he has such severe malabsorbtion issues as he should only need 1000 calories per day to gain and needs 2500...

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