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March 21st, 2009, 02:36 PM
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My whole body started aching through out the day yesterday. It just seems like its getting worse. It almost feels as if there is something attacking my bones and muscles. feels like something is being drawn out of them. I have been getting a similar feeling in my legs during AF for the past year or so(not sure how long exactly). But that was just in my legs, and now its in my whole body. This just doesnt make any sense at all. I know this is more supposed to be a TTC journal but my TTC has been disrupted and I just need to vent a little. My mother in law thinks its just all in my head....I cant stand that. Im sorry but Im not the type of person who goes to the doctor for no reason, Im afraid of the doctors office almost as much as the dentists office so it takes A LOT to get me to go. I just dont like her assumptions. And I dont like feeling like everyone in DH's family thinks Im nuts or something, because Im not. I really hope something shows up on the blood tests. If not I think Im going to have to get a referral to a diff doctor. I might call my doctor today because Im feeling 100 times worse than I was on monday when I went in. The bone aches started last week, and have steadily gotten worse everyday. I also wake up in the morning feeling like I could sleep another 10 hours. Im not waking up to the alarm like I usually do. I usually always wake up when DH goes to work, but I feel like I cant get up anymore. Last night I went to Borders with my mom for the Twilight movie release and there was no where to sit the whole night. When I got home I couldnt sleep for an hour or so because my whole body was throbbing...if anyone has any ideas of what this could potentially be let me know! Itd probably be good to know what to ask the doctor to test for in case she cant figure it out some doctors are just....dumb, and Im not sure how great this one is yet since she doesnt specialize in anything specific in her office.

A friend of mine tells me I need to find an endocrinologist.

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