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March 23rd, 2009, 02:26 PM
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So DF's brother and his GF are staying with us for awhile until they get back on thier feet. That's totally fine with us. They cook and clean and walk the dog :-). Well today I all DF and tell him I'm craving Chinese food...i've been craving it for about a week. I tell him that is what I am eating for dinner. We agree on it and that's that. So his brother calls me and is like don't worry about dinner we have it covered. I'm like oh really. He said yeah...we're frying fish and making a salad. I'm like....o-kay. So we hand up and I immediately call DF and go off and say...why did you tell him it was okay to cook dinner. I told you I wanted chinese. And he's like his brother just was like don't worry about food, we have it, just put your feet up and rest. I told him the next time they do that tell them that candace is pregnant and she likes to eat what she likes to eat. So now I have to go home and eat fish when I really want shrimp with brocolli with fried rice and egg rolls. I'm sooo upset!!!!

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