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March 24th, 2009, 01:40 AM
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How far along are you? 16w4d

How are you feeling? Having some round ligament pain which freaked me out yesterday because I had only come off bedrest a week and a half before that for pulling the same ligament while we were moving. Otherwise, I feel so good I sometimes forget I'm even pregnant.

When is your next appointment? In 2 weeks

As you get further along in your pregnancy, are you becoming more anxious? A little. Only because this is our last pregnancy but our first homebirth (we have 4 girls)

How prepared are you? Are you kidding?! LOL I haven't gotten anything yet for the birth, but I do still have some time.

Anything else? Just waiting for my 20w u/s so we can find out what this bean is (havent decided if we're telling others or not)

Thank you 3Daughters for my AWESOME siggy!

Hoping to add a new member to our family through adoption in August 2011
I am a sleep deprived, pro-life, homebirth supporting, babywearing, extended breast feeding, cloth diapering, non-vaxing, attachment parenting, conservative thinking, Constitution defending, gun owning, Torah learning, US Army Veteran who is married to her hero... A US Army Soldier! If this offends you, then stop reading my signature!
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