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March 24th, 2009, 12:50 PM
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Sorry I have been so MIA lately ladies, I have been having a really hard horrible time this past weekend/week. Jamie had not tried to contact ME at all all last week, but had been telling everyone that the only reason I broke up with him was to get back with Dusty. Then on Saturday he first shows up at my friends Cassie and Jays house and harrasses them about me for an hour or so, saying Im crazy and that I will never get rid of him, and Im insane to think he will ever leave me alone, baby or not. Then he tells them he is going to call my doctor and get all my information from him, they told him he was acting insane and that the doctors office wouldnt give him any info anyway. Then he was like "Well Im going to go talk to her mom." They told him not to come to my house (it was 10:00 at night) and to just leave me alone. Then he calls my mom and leaves her a voicemail saying he is coming over. My mom NEVER answered or called him back and about that time Cassie called me to tell me what happened. Next thing I know my doorbell is ringing and I open the door and just say "Leave" and close the door again, he rings my doorbell 5 more times! I open it again because my mom is upset and almost in tears and my dad is now awake and mad and so I tell him "I dont know if you misunderstood me but leave or I will call the cops" and slam the door again. I thought that was the end of it, but turns out my friend Natasha (who lives right down the street from me and right next door to my grandma) is driving home at that time from work because she is a waitress at applebees. He gets out of his truck and corners her in her driveway harrassing her about me, when she doesnt give him any information he goes next door to my grandparents and wakes them up crying to them that I am a horrible person and he hasnt said anything about me or done anything crazy and that Im lying about him. My grandma calls me Sunday because she was up all night crying because he scared her.

Now I guess this is somewhat all my fault because I never let anyone (not even yall) know how he was treating me. Jamie was not nice to me at all. I should have listened to people when they told me how he was with his ex and listened to him more closely when he told me the things he did to her when they broke up. He wasnt controlling at all until we got back together in December after being broke up for about a month, but it wasnt too bad. He just would get mad if I talked to other guys or they tried to talk to me. Then when we got back together after I found out I was pregnant he started really being overbearing and controlling. He flipped out on me because Dusty texted me and asked me if he could pick up Addi, he screamed and told me Im not allowed to have any contact with Dusty at all, even if he is Addi's dad. Then when I was sick and at home by myself just wanting to sleep he called because he had drove by and saw I was the only one here. He wanted to come over. I said no because Im tired and he screamed at me that I was cheating on him and that I HAD to let him come over, saying I was hiding something from him, then when he came over he got into my face and screamed at me and tried to force sex. I told him no and that I had to go get Addi and rushed out of my own house to get away.

Ladies Im scared. I dont want this baby, I dont want any connection to him at all. I know its hard to believe but I only even slept with him twice. Once before I got pregnant and once after we found out. He makes me sick to my stomach. I dont know what to do. Im scared.

Thanks for letting me vent ladies. On the bright side today is my babys first birthday.

Thank you Kiliki for my beautiful siggy!

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