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March 24th, 2009, 11:32 PM
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yay! I ended up not having to ask any questions. My midwife went over EVERYTHING.

Some of the things she talked about that were important:

training/number of deliveries/how long she's been practicing
transfer rate as well as what happens in the event of transfer
what would risk you out of a homebirth
She gave us a "due range" - a set of dates where she would comfortably do a homebirth (roughly 37-42 weeks gestation)

You might also ask what type of role she usually plays during labor. Is she hands-on or let-you-do-your-own-thing. and which type would you prefer. If anything feels "off" ask if there's a previous client of hers you could talk to and get first hand experience from.

be prepared to go over previous births and talk about your expectations.

btw, did you see the one mama's post in the DDC from the hospital/birth center/homebirth thread? I'm sooooo hoping she doesn't pick a fight with us. But if she does, I'm so super glad I won't be the ONLY homebirther in our DDC!
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