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March 25th, 2009, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by addi_luv_mommy View Post
I have considered terminating, but my dad found out and flipped out on me. He told me he would never forgive me and would pray that God never gave me any children again. I am also scared of how Jamie would be with the baby. He used to get mad when Addi would cry and when he would get mad at me he would grab her and hold on to her so tight she would scream and when she reached for me he would turn around so she couldnt see me.
Well that should have given you an indication right there of what kind of man he was but if I were you and he had done that to my daughter he wouldn't have lived to talk about it. He's not her father and has no right to reprimand her. On another note, I see you are younger than most of us but you are old enough to terminate your pregnancy on your own... if you aren't comfortable with telling you parents tell them it was a miscarraige... it's none of their business anyway what you do with YOUR CHILD! I am very pro-choice and believe that no one, especially in an extenuating circumstance like yourself is going to be "****** to hell" for a decision you had to make... NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO MAKE IT FOR YOU... I suggest you make it VERY soon though. At this point you need to think "*** Jamie and my parents, this is my life and i have to decide how I live with it"... seems to me everyone is trying to make it seem like this is not your decision when in reality its all in your hands.
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