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March 25th, 2009, 12:40 PM
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Hi everyone!

My name is Heather, DH is Matt and we are expecting our first baby in November! We live in Rochester, NY and there are no birthing centers in our area. Well, there is one, but its just essentially another labor and delivery floor in a hospital with private rooms and whirlpool baths (that you can only labor in, not deliver).

DH and I had discussed a home birth even before I was pregnant (which is funny, because we weren't even trying...) and then BAM! I was pregnant! I originally thought he wasn't okay with a home birth and had accepted it and moved to finding a birth center. Then when I realized there weren't any...I accepted having a hospital birth and begging my midwife to let us go home asap.

Today we were talking and he was like "You are confusing me...first you wanted to give birth at home, now a hospital...I support whatever you feel comfortable with but this is confusing!!". Apparently in my hormonal state, I thought a home birth was off the table completely....and ITS NOT!!! *dances*

I am already using a CNM for my prenatal care (met with her once already). I am going to talk to her about doing a home birth at our next appointment on the 21st. I still have tons of research to do - The Business of Being Born is waiting to be shipped on our queue and next is to attack the local library to learn more about home birthing.

The reason I am pushing towards a home birth is because I am a birth mom and had an extremely traumatic hospital birth. From the moment I told my OB that I was giving her up for adoption (while I was still pregnant) he stopped talking to me about the baby and didn't even turn the screen for me to see ultrasounds. When I went into labor (only took 5 hours, about 3 pushes and all natural), he held her up in the air said "Congrats" and then she was taken out of the room and away for hours. He left orders with the nurses NOT to bring her to me and I had to beg them just to let me see her for a few hours. It was very I was having an OPEN adoption and can see/visit/talk to her whenever I want. So why he wouldn't let me hold her, I will never understand.

So this time...I want full control over what goes on. Plus I know exactly what my body is capable of and what I can handle. Anyways...I just wrote a book...but I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and learn all that I can!!!

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