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March 25th, 2009, 09:09 PM
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cuz i dont care anymore
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thought id pop in and make everyone who gained feel

last april i started weight watchers and made "lifetime" in august.. i lost 35 lbs and was way below my ideal weight.. ideal for me is 150 and i was at 135.. well i kinda got off track with the m/s, and could only eat the things that didnt make me wanna gag.. and in doing so, i gained 10 lbs right off the bat.. then continued to gain 5 more over a 4 week period..

wich brought me back to my "ideal" weight.. (i guess you could say i was underweight??)

and then i lost 4 lbs..

so all in all i gained 11 lbs.. but i dont count it because i was 15 lbs under my ideal weight...(ha ha)
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