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March 25th, 2009, 09:14 PM
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2:00am Feb 24th.

I call the dr and tell them my contractions are 6 min apart so they tell me to go in. We go in and get hooked up to the monitors. My contractions slowed down while we were there. And I was only 1 cm when she checked me. So the nurse sent me home. By the time we got in our van and was driving home the contractions were getting worse to where they made me cry. (but the nurse told me it was probably round ligament pain). We get home bout 5:40 am. By the time I get out of the van and onto the porch I am in pain with another contraction. Go inside and get another one right away. So I get a quick bath thinking it might help. Yeah right. Come out of the tub and sit on our chair and ottoman and tell Brian that I can't stand the pain. I call the dr and tell them that the contractions are 2-3 min apart. Dr tells me to come back in. I then call my mom and tell her to come back down that Brian and I will be heading back to the hospital. By the time she got here (5 places away) I was yelling and telling her and Brian to call 911. So Brian calls. I told mom and Brian that the baby was on his way and I wouldn't make it to the hospital. so Mom washes her hands and grabs towels, while Brian is on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. I told them that I had to push and that pushing was the only thing that helped the pain. So I started pushing. Mom was below me sitting waiting for him to come out. She was also helping me breath right. Brian was watching and still on the phone with the 911 person and getting info on what to do. Within the first 3 pushes my water broke and boom next came his head. He was out within like 5 pushes. Mom suctioned his airway out and cleaned him up and wrapped him in a towel. The ambulance got here 8 min or so after I had him. The EMT cut his cord and delivered the placenta. While another EMT took him and cleaned him up and wrapped him up in blankies. They cleaned me up and got us put into the ambulance and off to the hospital we went. Yup we now have to get a new chair and ottoman lol!

We were met by my dr who checked me and cleaned me up. Donovan was taken to the nursery to get taken care of. I didn't need stitches. the dr said there was just a scrape or something but nothing that needed stitched. She gave me pitocin to help my uterus get back to normal. That part of the whole process hurt. I only had motrin for that.

Donovan Clair was born at 6:37am.(time we are pretty sure he was born at- looking at the clock was the least thing on our mind at that moment) Weighing in at 6lbs 14 oz and 20 inches.
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