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March 26th, 2009, 12:26 PM
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It's probably a bit different in every state...but here in CA....After DS was born I called the vital records place where you get the birth certificate from and scheduled an appointment. (it was for 2 months later!!!)
We needed:
A letter from the mw stating my care starting date and my LMP and where I gave birth and his vitals
A letter from a pedi saying he was healthy and his vitals
A bill/mail in my name with the birth address from the month of birth
And of course driver licenses or passports of DH & I

Gave the lady this, she made copies and then I had to fill out about 6 applications/paperwork. Then we paid and got his birth certificate that day

We had to see a pedi after his birth for a letter to be able to get his birth certificate (normally the pedi does all that in the hospital) so when DS was 2 days old we took him to the pedi. I think you have 2-3 days after birth here to see a pedi. We would have rather taken him at 3 days old but of course the 3rd day for us was a Saturday not open and couldn't wait till Monday at 5 days old.

Research your county where you'll be birthing governmental vital record website and that should give you info with more specifics

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