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March 27th, 2009, 05:46 PM
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I thought I wrote Tyler's but it disappeared or I didn't write it.

On September 9th we went into the hospital around 4 to start the cervidil for the night and then the induction would start at 6am the next morning. We got in and got situated while Jay's mom went to the airport to get her mother from California. ( She had perfect timing for buying tickets) The hospital was a mad house with births and I wanted to eat so it was 6pm before the cervidil got placed. We were just planning on watching movies and hanging out until the next morning. His mom and grandma where still hanging around and I told them nothing would happen until the pit was started the next morning at 6 and to go get some sleep. This was around 11 or 12 I believe. Well as soon as they left contractions started and they said it was from the cervidil and not real labor and they gave me a sleeping pill to get throught the night because I was on edge and couldn't sleep. Well an hour later the nurse heard my tv go back on and came in and asked if the contractions where worse and I told her yes not bad just not able to sleep through them. They gave me a muscle relaxer to help more. It worked until 2am.
I woke and thought I had wet the bed, but everything was a fog. I felt so drugged up like I was slipped a roofie. ( or what I imagine a roofie would feel like) I drug my iv to the bathroom and as I was approached the toilet I had another gush. I yelled for Jason and he didn't move from his sleep. ( I was screaming but I think a whisper was only coming out) those stupid pills!! I so I pull the cord and a nurse comes in and tells me I can't be in labor that i had just wet the bed. After fighting for an hour a resident comes in and tells me I'm sorry we can't check you until that has been in for 12 hours. This isn't labor! I told them the hell it wasn't and to check me. They end up checking the fluid and it was my water. So they check me and I was 4 almost 5 and they pull the cervdil out and declare I wasn't kidding, I was in full blown labor. By this point the contractions where bad and they felt SOOOOOOO bad for blowing me off that they my epi ready and in within 10 minutes. Its now 4 am and Jay's mom and grandma are back and his sister is there. As soon as they admitted I was in labor we called them right back. By the time they showered ate and got to bed, they only slept about 30 minutes when their phones rang. After the epi I didn't feel a thing!! Until It was time to push!
Within a few hours I was at 7cm and then 15 mins later I felt like I had to push and they yet again refuse to check me and I tell them I'm close to being at 10 I know it. I was right I was 9 and pushing 10 quickly. The page my doctor and tell her. I'm close and to be on watch. I yelled at them and said " I went that quickly and you told her to be on watch, tell her to get in her car and get here!!" Well then as soon as they checked again in 10 minutes I was 10 and not allowed to push until she was there! I waited and waited what seemed like hours. After 45 minutes she was there and as soon as she walked in the room I started to cry. She said I take it from the tears we are ready to push. I looked at her and said well yea but I'm crying because I'm honestly so happy to see you it means the time is actually here!! ( We have pictures of her and Jay laughing at me) I remember one nurse saying be warned docter she is a screamer. I was so mad, you stop me from pushing for almost an hour and wonder why I'm screaming. Not only was i screaming I was yelling Help Me Tom Cruise ( not in even joking I said it a lot) I had all the nurses cracking up.I started pushing at 10:36 and he was born at 12:06 pm 09/10/08 7.4 lbs and 20 inches. After an hour and 25 mintues of pushing they came in and said oh looks like in a half an hour or so we will be ready for him to start to come out. What?? He isn't even close I pushed with everythign I had and they barly had time to get their masks and stuff on. Jay said the he really though the doctor wasn't going to get down to catch him quick enough! He scored a 9/9 and was passed around by everyone else in the room but me because it took an hour to stich me up after how badly I had tore from him coming so quickly at the end! As soon as I got him back he latched right on and didn't stop for 6 months lol.

After the last push, Jay was so focused on me and making sure I was okay!

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