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March 14th, 2006, 04:26 AM
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I think you got us beat LOL

There is about 7 years between us. I know how it is when they forget that you are younger than them. Mine used to tease me for being "so young", but now I just turned 23 and he will be 30 in April. It's kinda fun reminding him that I still have 7 years left in my 20's

LMAO! I love remindig my DH about the fact no matter how old I get he will ALWAYS be older than me. My best friend is only 6 days younger than him. His bday was just this last Sunday & hers is this Sat. She made fun of him so bad about him turning 32 before her and his thought was "ok you're next #####" But all in good fun LOL. I am so glad we can make fun of him so bad.

In fact, my best friend & I are going today while he stays home with CJ & going to go to the Shed to buy him some sort of late gag gift. I know it's late but both her & I are busy with our kids and stuff. I don't think he knows it's coming. He thinks we are just going grocery shopping together. B)

19 years!
I am 20, he is 39.[/b]
Yeah but age is just a number right? Especially when you are in love

My sister is 24 & her bf is 45. She is madly in love with him! My mom & other sister look down on her but it is her decision, she is a big girl. I am the only one she can talk to without getting judged.
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