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March 30th, 2009, 09:38 AM
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Oh, wanted to add my boy theory. LOL! I know the date of conception and it matched right on with the u/s after the Dr wanted to use a date that was a week earlier going by my lmp.

Because of this, I also think boy because boy sperm travels faster so they obviously got there and "get her done" like they were supposed to. LOL!

However, with a few of my girls...most of them actually, I have gotten pg when I know those spermies had to have hung around about a week or so until I ovulated. Since girl sperm live longer, it *is* possible that our "relations" the week before resulted in a girl sperm just sitting and waiting for the right moment to POUNCE! LOL!!

Usually I would know either way but, let's just say, dh was seeing more action than usual.
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