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March 30th, 2009, 03:56 PM
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My fiance is a butt-head. He will cop an attitude with me if we are around friends and try and make me look stupid when he is the immature one he was without a job for 1 year and a half and now that he has a job and I'm out of wok (for a month) it give him the right to treat me the way he wants in front of people. Don't get me wrong he isn't always like this he is amazing when we are alone and is good most of the time in front of others but he will complain about me every so often and my friend of 4 years today said to me"I don't know how Ryan puts up with you" When he is the one who can't support his family was homeless with his son when I met him he is the one who kissed someone else! She said I'll learn that me and him won't work out, yea your right with people telling him I'm awful and planting bugs in his ears your **** right! She is jealous that I have a family that loves me and she is a single parent that has been cheated on and left by countless guys because she cheats and uses and tryes to get pregnant with every guy she has sex with!! I love my fiancethough we may have our problems everyone does. But I'm mad and I'm not sure if I mad at my fiance or my friend!
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