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March 31st, 2009, 09:59 AM
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With the Marquette model for the first 6 cycless it has 1 rule for the start of fertility and 1 rule for the end of fertility. Start of fertility starts on CD 6. End of fertility is when the monitor goes through a P,P,H,L,L readings cycle. (peak fertility=P, High Fertility=H, Low Fertility=L)
After the 6th cycle there is still only 2 rules, but they are slightly different than the previous rules. The start of fertility starts at the earliest peak of the previous 6 cycles -6 days; or at the first H reading. So if your earliest P reading of the previous 6 cycles was CD 20 fertility would begin on CD 14 unless you get a H reading first. End of fertility remains the same P,P,H,L,L readings cycle.

TTC, there is 1 rule, DTD when it says high and peak.
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