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March 31st, 2009, 07:18 PM
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My name is Jeni, and I have 3 children, Grace (9), Lily (6), Felicity (3), and Jack (17m).

Grace had several episodes of seizures at 14 months, and was diagnosed with an unspecified seizure disorder (because her seizures didnt show up on EEGs). In following up with her neurologist, we also discovered a lack of myelination (white matter) in her brain. Myelin is a much better conductor of brain impulses than water, and where Grace does not have myelin, she has water. About the same amount of myelin as your average 2 yr old). Several years passed, and we were curious where her lack of myelination might be showing up in her development.. was she behind anywhere? So we took her to the Center for Development and Learning at UNC and she was seen by a panel of psecialists.. OT< PT, developmental pediatrician, speech language pathologist, child spychologist). They said she was delayed 3 years in gross motor skills and almost that much in fine motor skills. They also diagnosed her with sensory processing issues. They recommended her for OT, PT, and Sensory Therapy. She graduated from PT after a year (YAY!!), and has been in OT and ST for the last few years.

She was officially diagnosed this past fall at our new OT with the following:

Auditory Processing Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorder
Sensory Modulation Dysfunction
Developmental Dyspraxia

I suspect she also has Aspergers (or is right near being on the spectrum), an expressive language disorder, and maybe either cognitive processing or cognitive praxis issues... there is without a doubt a processing issue, but it doesn't show up on things like the Iowa Test of Basic Skills or the Woodcock Johnson achievement test just because of the way they ask the questions/type of testing.

Lily is my 6 year old, and she will likely be officially diagnosed with ADHD (hyperactive impulsive subtype) in the next year or so. We had her tested last fall, and she was just (94th percentile) under clinical diagnosis (95th percentile).

So far, Felicity and Jack seem neurotypical. Stay tuned. LOL!

Thank you BAM for my signature!!

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