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April 1st, 2009, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Alchemist View Post
Sounds like you have issues with both of them. Firstly, i would sit down with your fiance and talk to him about how you are treated in public. Usually when someone critisizes you there are reasons for it. Like i used to 'dis' hubby in public (although i was joking/teasing) and it really hurt him and visa versa. I recognized thati did it becuase there were underlying issues there. I was feeling hurt and i was acting out (in a totally unappropriate way). it took a while to work through it but now when i feel like i am about to dis him, i stop myself and look at what i am feeling. i then approach him to discuss the real issue.

in terms of your friendship, i think its a little different. perhaps similar to the above, but i am less tolerant of having friends that are toxic around me. sometimes my BFF does make a comment etc but so do i. then i think its worth it to go through the above process. but what your friend said sounds beyond the point i would handle. i just drop toxic friends and tell them off. if they are saying things that extreme, it means they have whatever issues and if they are mean, dump 'em......
EXACTLY what she said!!!!! You need to have a serious talk with both of them!!
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