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April 1st, 2009, 03:28 PM
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Hi all!

The more I learn the more I think homebirth is the way to go for me. The hospitals in my area have a 30-35% c section rate, etc etc. I know many are lucky enough to live in homebirth-friendly states, but unfortunately I'm not

I live in Charlotte, NC midwives cannot legally do homebirths, but obviously they are getting done. So apparently there is an underground. So my question is, how on earth do you find a midwife? Is it risky to do so in that kind of a legal environment?

Also, I have insurance with aetna which is no way no how do they pay for HB, I understand that. But if I had to have a transfer or had a postpartum complication could they deny payment since it was related to homebirth?

Oy, there's so much to learn!
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