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April 2nd, 2009, 02:39 PM
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I am Nikki (27) DH is Jim (27). We are blessed with 2 living children Kaylie (3) and Scott (8m).

Jim and I got married Jan 17th 2004 and we threw away the BC on our honeymoon. We knew we wanted a family and knew that we wanted to have children right away. I started took me 4 months to start Oing. I got pg with our 1st baby in July 04, 6m after we went of BC. We were so excited!!! 3 days after I got my BFP I started bleeding...I m/c on July 30th at 5w 4d.

My OB found that I have a short lutal phase and low progesterone.

I got pg again in October 04 and right away my OB started me on progesterone. I love my doc. He is a wonderful man. The second I got my BFP I was in his office for blood work. The progesterone worked and on June 13, 2005 our DD Kaylie was born.

When DD was about 18m old we decided to TTC a brother or sister for Kaylie. I got pg April 07 and started taking my progesterone. But this time it did not help. I m/c my 3rd pregnancy at 5w 3d in May 07.

I got pg again in Aug 07, started my progesterone and went in for blood work. My 1st beta came back great! My 2nd beta was even better. But then I started to bleed on a Friday. I laid around all weekend, drank lots of water and kept my feet up (we all know that drill ). The bleeding did slow but I still went to the OB's 1st thing Monday morning...Oct 1st. I went back for an u/s and no baby...the tech scanned the rest of my belly and when she got to my right tube just stopped. I saw it too...there it was...the gestational sac. We just looked at each other and I asked her "someone got lost didn't they" she shook her head yes and said she was going to get the doctor. My OB sent me down the hall to a specailist and he confirmed that my 4th pregnancy was ectopic

October 2nd I had surgery to remove my sweet little ectopic baby. I also lost my right tube due to damage and I was bleeding internally...I was 6w 0d pg. My doctor biopstied the "tissue" and came back with good news that it was just a baby never even started to develope. This helped my heart to know my baby never left Heaven. I told God He could have my tube since my baby did not suffer. I still hurt over the dreams I had for that child but it seemed like more than a fair trade to me.

Well after my surgery DH and I decided to take a break from TTC. I started charting again (but not temping) and waiting for AF to return. My b-day happened to be on CD 42...we 'celebrated' thinking I had already o'd...this was the only time we dtd. On CD 63 (8 weeks after my surgery and the Monday after Thanksgiving) I went to the OB to get the pill to jump start my cycle since I still had no AF. He required a neg blood test 1st. So I rolled up my sleeve and he said he would call me in my Rx once the results came back. On Wendesday morning at work the nurse called and asked if I could come back for another blood HGC was was 82!!! Sure enough I was pg with my b-day baby James Scott, Jr. "Scott" was born 7/21/08.

DH and I have plans for more children in the future but with my history of m/c and now only one tube we know our road will be a bumpy one. But having Kaylie and Scott in our lives and seeing how much they love eachother (and they really do!) just reaffirms our belief that we have to be open to what God wants to give us. I love all of my children for no matter how long I was blessed with them in my life.

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