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April 2nd, 2009, 08:23 PM
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Tuesday, March 17th
Suzanne checked my cervix, I was 1-2cm dilated and 50-75%effaced. I started spotting and losing pieces of mucous plug (no surprise) and the BH’s that I’ve had daily multiple times since 20wks were different – they had become crampier and radiated to the back (never had that before in either pregnancies).

Wednesday, March 18th
The crampy/painful contrax continue on and off. Around 10pm they became regular 4-5min apart. I tried getting some sleep but they were too painful. I didn’t call my MW though; my gut told me (apparently) that it wasn’t time. Around 2am I finally fell asleep and when I woke up at 4 I realized they were 10min apart – false labor GR! I called into work because I figured it would be soon anyway and I hadn’t had enough sleep so I needed to rest, I was exhausted.

Thursday, March 19th
I’m worn out from the false labor overnight and angry/frustrated that the contrax have backed WAY off but that whenever I would have one it would still be very painful and I would have to stop and focus through it. I took a nap in the morning and a nap in the afternoon with Kailey. We woke up at 4pm and I figured if I wasn’t going to have the baby I may as well clean. I completely cleaned the bathroom the cats were stuck in (they had been sick), I cleaned and vacuumed Kailey’s room, I cleaned the kitchen and did some laundry. I also mopped the floor in the bathroom and by the fireplace. It was around 6:30ish when I started getting contrax again and they were about 10min apart. I figured that it was from straining myself on the cleaning so I slowed down, started timing them. From that point until midnight they were coming regular and shorter together, lasting longer. I was afraid of another false labor but it hurt so much that I needed my MW’s opinion anyway. I called her at 12:10am I believe and she and her assistant were there within the hour making it 1am on March 20th.

Friday, March 20th
My MW brought up her supplies and then decided to check me. I was 5cm so it was labor after all. I couldn’t be happier; my baby was going to be here soon. The contractions were nice, we did a lot of cool things during labor like use the robozo and knee press. I sat on the bar stool and the assistant would push my hips/knees differently. The birth pool was really cool. My MW would have me do laps around the pool (walking outside the pool) and just generally made me change my position/what I was doing every 30min or so to keep things moving along. I felt like things weren’t progressing, like they should be harder (don’t get me wrong, the contrax did hurt lol). My MW checked me again (don’t know what time) and I was 6cm. She looked disappointed and so did I. Well, after that we watched the Vegas movie with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz and some Jeff Dunham comedy to make me laugh. She also had me put some cohosh tablet thingys under my tongue to dissolve and the assistant gave me a clary sage (aromatherapy) massage on the acupressure points of my feet and legs - things were getting more intense, I was now in transition. At this point I needed my husband’s assistance, just being there holding my hand and rubbing my arms. Once the assistant checked me again her head was right there but I didn’t feel the need to push or anything. My Mw checked me after 30 min of me doing light pushes with nothing happening and she said that I had a lip so I got out, had some contractions where I bent against the wall and lifted my belly up to put her head on the cervix. After a few contrax I got back in the pool. Now, this caught me up with Kailey’s birth (the cervical lip), I had a back lip, then a front lip and then the contrax started stopping. I started panicking and told myself to just push through the lip, visualize the cervix opening up I WAS going to have this baby. Well, it wasn’t working and Suzanne wanted to try to push the lip out of the way. It hurt…a lot, just like it did with Kailey. Suzanne knew I hated it but there was nothing left to do – I was starting to get worn out. I gave Suzanne the ok to try a 3rd time and I PUSHED and it huuuuuuuuuuuuurt I started panicking, it was horrible. I kept thinking that if I was in the hospital, I WOULD tell them to just get her out of me, but I was at home, I HAD to do it, there were no choices.

We got out of the tub and sat at the birth bar/stool and Suzanne pushed on my stomach upwards (to move her head on a more favorable cervix pressure). I was worn out so the assistant told Josh to get me some honey for energy. I’m thinking “honey? Honey isn’t going to do anything I need this kid out of me and some sleep!” LOL!! Well, I was having a contraction at this point and Josh’s hand was ALL sticky because he had just started pouring the honey… my MW was pushing on the lip and I was DONE. I was like, ‘Ok, this is it – I need this to end and there is no option except for ME to get her out.” So I pushed with EVERYTHING I had and screams just started tearing through me (it scared even me!)… Kailey started crying at this point (she had just woken up about an hour prior at about 5:30ish) and I just pushed and pushed and Suzanne said “Keep going she’s coming down!” (this gave me encouragement) and I could finally feel her moving down and I’m screaming my head off (in reality there were only 3 screams, but they were loud and devastating to anyone within earshot lol) and I just keep pushing, I don’t stop. I can feel the ring of fire, and that wasn’t sooo bad, but I could feel the small tear upwards that I had (that burnt!!!!). I remember someone saying to Josh (because he was busy getting the honey) “get over here she’s coming!” because he was going to catch her. Well he got over in time to only put one hand under me (the other covered in honey) to “help” catch the baby. She just tumbled out of me and I remember opening my eyes up as the rest of her body slid out of me and I just went limp.

My exhaustion immediately and instantaneously took over. My body started shaking and felt like it was collapsing. Suzanne tried handing her to me and I remember whispering, “I can’t” because I was too weak and she was like “Yes you can Jackie take her” so I did and they helped me hold her. The ONLY thing my mind was focused on was “don’t you dare drop her Jackie” LOL! I looked around and there was so much blood it was gross. The cord was short and they wanted me to get in the pool with her so we all 5 scooted over to the pool and they helped me in. I was so exhausted I’ve never felt anything like it. The cord stopped pulsing and Josh cut it (I’m SO proud of him!). He didn’t cut it with Kailey and he was even going to catch the baby this time but was unable to, but still he did so awesome. So, we get Nola out of the pool and Sarah helps me birth the placenta. OMG I forgot how you can’t breathe after you have a baby, I HATE that. My eyes kept closing and I kept sleeping. I laid on my bed with Nola while Josh took care of Kailey and Suzanne & Sarah took all their supplies down. Suzanne cooked me some eggs and Sarah fed them to me because I was so out of it. Suzanne then checked me and I was terrified!! I didn’t know if I tore or not and I saw her needle to give me numbing medicine for stitches and I started panicking. I did tear, two small ones. I feel the smaller one, it hurt and burnt but it’s much better now already. The other one they wanted to stitch (like 1 or 2 stitches) and I told Suzanne that if it was that “weak” of a tear that I would rather heal on my own, I’m terrified of needles. She agreed so I was very happy. I don’t even feel that tear at all, don’t know where it’s at or anything, not causing any problems.

19in long
March 20, 2009
Breastfeeding has been a breeze & I think my milk has started coming in already at 1 day pp. She is very quiet and content with anyone holding her.
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