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April 2nd, 2009, 09:33 PM
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the more i think about this list, the more it pisses me off! idea of a homebirth, is a visit from a midwife every 4 wks and then call her when i'm in labor. she comes over and i pop a baby out. i've had 4 kids without taking all this crap. and now i'm more and more worried about this baby being small. i'm trying to avoid a huge medical bill and now, not only am i paying her, but i'm paying hundreds of dollars on stinking vitamins and minerals and she wants me to use fresh fruits and veggies. and i don't see why i'd not use all this stuff. if god put it on this earth for us to eat, why am i not eating it? do you know how expensive fresh food is? i went to the store the other day and spent over $100 on fresh fruit and veggies that won't last me more than a week. i'm now looking at this stinkin diet costing us so much that it might not even be a savings. my dh even mentioned just having an unassisted home birth. that just shocked me. my sister is a nurse and my other is very knowledgeable when it comes to birthing, so i know we'd be fine doing it, but it scares me thinking about having one. i want someone there that knows exactly what to do. i want her to come back right now and have a sit down with me and dh and for us to really go over this. i felt really rushed today. i didn't know what to say, i wasn't prepared. and i guess that's how it usually goes. i was so excited that i didn't stop to think. this is making me more frustrated than i need to be. and what is the point of a ginger sitz bath? hello...never had a sitz bath in my life...why do i need to waste 30 mins a day that i probably won't find? and over a pound of ground ginger...a POUND. you see...the more i think about it the worse the idea gets. i've googled and googled midwifes in my area, the closest that i can find is 3 hrs away. i don't know what to do.

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