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April 3rd, 2009, 02:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Crys View Post
pro life..

a baby is a matter what week you are in..

if you didn't want to get pregnant then maybe you should have thought about it before you opened your legs ..

just my opinion..

and before it gets brought up.rape is not what that was intended for...
yep. totally agree!

Originally Posted by ~Tithen~ View Post
So you do not believe in allowing a family to ease their pain and suffering when their child is going to die? I'd assume then you're also against Do Not Recussicate orders?
"Going to die"? If the child is not dead, why kill him/her? Are you asking us to believe that the same parents that would be traumatized by the thought of their child dying would somehow be OK with killing their child?

Originally Posted by BonitaAppleBomb View Post
I am pro-choice.
How do you reconcile that with your "Christian" beliefs?

...before anyone jumps on me about my question to Bonita, I'd like to point out that I do not believe that all Christians are pro-life or that all pro-lifers are Christian because that's not true at all. I've met atheists who were pro-life, and I honestly do not believe abortion is a religious issue so to speak. But I have heard Bonita profess her Christianity so I am just curious as to how she reconciles 2 opposing (i think) view points.

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