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April 3rd, 2009, 02:42 AM
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Heya! Well - definitely COULD be good news! Preg tests don't always show up positive early/day of AF.

BUT I will also tell you - as I have been through this and looked online alot about being 'late' etc and actually your period is not classed late until 7 days has passed and 'missed' when 4wks has passed, something like that. Thats the official medical reasoning.
Plus my AF came back at 9mths and was a regular 30 days - then started going screwy (admittadly AFTER my miscarriage) and so for over a year have been getting shorter and been anything between 24 and 31 days (which your notice however is still within the 7 days).

I;m afraid - if nothing else I have learn't that MY body likes to throw in lots of odds and surprises just when I think I've figured it out!

ALTHOUGH all that may be null if you get a BFP!
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