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April 3rd, 2009, 08:20 AM
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Well I'm still frustrated beyond belief with my doctor's office. I am STILL waiting on bloodwork results. Long story short, I finally get ahold with A doctor (not mine, because apparently he barely works???) who knows nothing about anything. Asks me what I needed, said I was waiting on my estrogen level, says "oh your estrogen level is 12!). Ok...what does that MEAN! "Oh, I can't read your doctor's him Monday when he's in...and I noticed you have a thyroid antibody?" AHHHHH!! Thanks for NOTHING, and not to mention I've had my thyroid tested 3 times in the past MONTH because of how I've been feeling, and no gyno or PCP would test the antibodies because that wasn't "a problem". I am SO frustrated! One part of me wants to switch, but then another part can't BEAR to start this over yet AGAIN!

Sorry that went longer then planned! I swear, it's not the frustration of getting's dealing with the **** medical system!!!
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