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April 3rd, 2009, 10:19 AM
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I'm in the same boat as you, Mara. I have a mw that I see who will be attending my homebirth and a CNM that I see at an OB office that insurance covers. I am starting to come down to the point where it will be bi-weekly with each, too. My plan is to see the CNM until about 32 weeks and then stop going after that. I have a growth scan with a Perinatalogist at 32 weeks, and if I stop seeing the CNM before then, that will cause problems. If I could stop seeing the CNM now, I would though. I had considered wanting to hold out for the same reason as you, having a transport back up. But my mom (who is also a midwife) pointed out that the CNM is not going to be able to take me if I have to transport. Their malpractice insurance won't allow it for the most part. You usually have to go to the ER and take your chances. Plus unless your OB is very pro homebirth, you will probably find that they are not very supportive and I have know OB's who have dropped patients once they found out they were doing the homebirth. I would suggest talking to your mw about it and see when she suggest you stop concurrent care. Good Luck!
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