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April 3rd, 2009, 10:47 AM
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i still haven't heard from my sil...but i did ask her just last night so i'm going to wait longer before i freak! everyone i talk to says this lady is a "moron." lol. pregnant women should not be on a strict diet. i think you should eat healthy. less sweets, no soda, more veggies, you get where i'm going. i just don't understand why she insists on making my labors shorter than they already are, and my babies smaller. you'd think when i tell her these things, she's get the picture. if my labors were any shorter, she wouldn't make it to the birth...actually, no one would, my 5 year old would probably be the one! but i tell you, i'm getting alot of flack for mentioning an unassisted homebirth. everyone says, "oh don't do it, so much can go wrong." i'm not by any means worried. i've had 4 babies and i know i could do it just fine. plus, we're 5 mins from the nearest hospital. i honestly don't see peoples issues with homebirth. 100 years ago, everyone had babies at home. anyways, i'm going to talk to her today and be really nice and let her know how i feel and see what we can figure out.

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